Season , Episode 18
Episode Information
Premiere date: March 18, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "The eve of 13"
Next Episode: "TBA"
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Today is Juliya Everson's thirteenth birthday and everybody should be happy correct. WRONG everybody is not happy, the birthday girl us miserable why? Because she's another year older? Nope, because she didn't get the gift she wanted? Nope. Because... let me just tell you why.

Other Guy: whatever you're the boss.

Me: I know anyways she's unhappy because she was supposed too meet her jerk of a boyfriend and she didn't

Other Guy: ummm okay so what?

Me: So what the guy is a total nut job I mean check his article and you'll see

Other Guy: *checks article page* Oh s...

Me: Watch it no fowl language allowed

Anyways continuing on Lorenzo discovers that Juliya is not there and blows up her phone with calls and texts. Getting angrier by the second he goes over to her house and pretends to be nice and asks Natalie where Juliya is. After finding out where she is he storms over and climbs up to her window not knowing Jonald aka Ron has the alarm set. He forces the window open setting off the alarm he quick hides in Juliya's  closet just as Jonald runs into her room. Thinking it's a false alarm Ron turns off the alarm after making sure his little sis is alright he goes back to bed.

Other Guy: Oh boy this looks bad.