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"Bringing Down Danlily"
Season Sixteen
Season 16, Episode 16
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Premiere date: April 16, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Chongs Defeat"
Next Episode: "Charlottes Hell"
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Zuri is shocked to hear that her best friend had been missing for three days, meanwhile at Danlily Industries Tiffany is locked in a cell being forced to constantly use her powers which puts a lot of strain on the eleven year old ignoring the fact that there hurting her they keep upping the difficulty. Meanwhile back at The Elite Force hq Zuri is very visibly upset that her friend has been missing more upset by the fact that nobody had been looking for her. Chase sends Judy into the lab along with an undercover agent for the Elite Force.

Back at the Danlily Industries laboratory Tiffany is exhausted only being able to stop to eat but being punished with no drinks because of her unimpressive performance with her powers is becoming more and more dehydrated from sweating so much. When she asks for a drink she is told no by the researchers experimenting on her unless she starts showing improvement. Her mother stands there shaking her head in disappointment reveling that she is in leagues with them which greatly upsets Tiffany as a mother is supposed to love and protect there children.

Back at HQ Jonald looks over the live stream Judy sent them and Zuri points out that she sees Tiffany and Jonald points out that she looks terribly dehydrated. Jonald instructs his undercover agent to intervene which he does. Back at Danlily Industries the undercover agent takes his cover as Ambrose S. Beshears the new head of the operation. He first starts out nicely saying to give her a drink but the former head refuses saying that the child hasn't impressed them enough to reward her with a drink. Annoyed by this Morris raises his voice and demands that the experiment be stopped and the child rehydrated or he will shut this down and report to Guy himself about there insolence.

Scared by this threat they reluctantly follow orders. He then grabs a Gatorade to give to Tiffany as he is also informing Tiffany of who he is he demands that the audio be turned off. As he enters the cell Tiffany becomes scared but he calls her down and gives her the Gatorade to rehydrate herself. He then explains that he's an undercover agent for The Elite Force and he's here to rescue her, after they get done the experiment is about to restart as The Elite Force barges in holding the scientists at energy gunpoint and order them to put there hands up. Confused by this Ambrose who reveals himself as Morris E. Anderson an undercover Elite Force Agent tells them that they are under arrest for Human Experimentation, Wrongful Imprisonment, and Neglect plus a plethora of other human rights based charges. With that one of Guy's labs is seized and taken over by the Elite Force In attempt to locate other labs and potential victims.