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Danlily Industries Logo
Danlily Industries
Type Company
Status Active
Leader(s) Guy Danlily † (formerly)

Joshua Everson (currently)

Notable Members Joshua James Everson
Location Pridor, Restion
Seen in Series Everson House
Issue/Episode Danlily Industries Inc
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Danlily Industries  is a large lab with many smaller labs throughout Restion and Semia


Danlily Industries was founded by Guy Danlily in 2014 after he lost his job as campaign manager for giving Annie Bennett to complete strangers pretending to be the girls parents. The initial reason for the company was to experiment with DNA samples but Guy decided to use his company to kidnap and experiment on special children (human children with extraordinary abilities. But it really began before now when Guy abducted 14 small children from there front yard or homes. Those children where LeticiaRileyMayaLucasFarkleBabeKenzieHudsonTomikaSummerShelbyCydAntolei, & Arleemi. The children are kept in cells for several years until they are found and rescued by The Organization. The involved scientists are arrested by law enforcement and the lab closed down for human experimentation.

Revival of Danlily Industries

Several years after the last incident Danlily Industries is up to no good again except this time The Elite Force is called in to investigate these occurrences. Judy is sent on recon missions repeatedly to relay information back to The Elite Force. Each recording sent to them is one more step to shutting down Danlily Industries for good.


Bringing Down Danlily

Judy relays information to The Elite Force about Tiffany who has been abducted by Danlily Industries agents and brought to be experimented on. Forcing her to use her powers non-stop with only meal breaks and no water to keep her hydrated an undercover Elite Force Agent posing as head researcher demands that the experiment be stopped for the subjects rehydration or the project will be shut down. Later The Elite Force arrives to rescue Tiffany and arrest the scientists involved for wrongful imprisonment and human experimentation.


Bringing Down Danlily

I demand that this experiment be stopped for subject rehydration

–The Undercover Agent to the Researchers

Don't worry Tiffany I'm one of the good guys

–Undercover Agent to Tiffany