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Supernatural Beings
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Santiago (Restion, Semia)
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First mentioned: "Maya & Katy's Last Stand"
First appearance: "Maya & Katy's Last Stand"
Latest appearance: "Maya & Katy's Last Stand"
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Death-Force is a supernatural being or person with control over the Death-Force.


Death-Forces can create, shape and manipulate the essence of Death, which is present in all mortals throughout the universe and is the opposite power of Life-Force Manipulation ; whereas Life-Force is the essence which allows life to flourish, Death-Force is that which causes things to wither, rot, weaken, and eventually die. They can sense and manipulate the essence that allows Death, Destruction, Decay, and Corruption to exist throughout the universe, allowing them to control decayed matter or to request assistance from the dead.


See here for capabilities.

Known Death-Forces

  • Unknown Assassin: An assassin who used this to kill both Maya and Katy Hart.