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Demon Wind
Demon Wind
Supernatural Beings
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Restion
  • Semia
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Show Information
First mentioned: "April 22"
First appearance: "April 22"
Latest appearance: "Anna's Rage"
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Demon Wind  is a supernatural being or person who can control the deadly Corrupt Winds


User can create, shape and manipulate vicious and hellish winds, possessing the capability to twist and destroy everything within their path. The user is able to use the demonic winds to savagely shred all in with in it gales, or create large tornadoes that annihilate everything with destructive power. In addition, the winds can also drastically affect the temperature of any area, creating bitter cold winds that freeze everything, or relentless burning winds that reduce everything to ashes.


Demon Winds utilize Demon Wind Manipulation

See Demon Wind Manipulation for full capabilities

Known Demon Winds

Currently only one person had been classified as a Demon Wind