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Jacqueline Binh
Restion Character
Biographical Information
Alias: Jackie (by Everyone)

Jackie Robinson (Cover)

Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Birthdate: TBA
Home: Pridor, Restion
Occupation: Student
School: Watts Elementary School
  • TBA
Physical Description
Species: Evolved Human
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Show Information
Portrayed by: Catherine McCarthy
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Jacqueline Hamilton  is an intelligent 11 year old girl, she's been called a genius by several people. She is portrayed by main cast star Catherine McCarthy.


Jacqueline is a young girl who's had a genius level intellect. She's very shy and closed in, but once you get through her though exterior she becomes a social butterfly. Underneath her geek exterior she's a loving, caring, and protective young women. Jackie doesn't make many assumptions, preferring instead to analyze her surroundings, check her facts and arrive at practical courses of action. She will relay the facts necessary to achieve her goal, expecting others to grasp the situation immediately and take action. She has little tolerance for indecisiveness, but loses patience even more quickly if her chosen course is challenged with impractical theories, especially if they ignore key details.

Combining laziness and dishonesty is the quickest way to get on her bad side. Consequently, she often prefer to work alone, or at least have their authority clearly established by hierarchy, where they can set and achieve there goals without debate or worry over others reliability. She has a sharp, fact-based minds, and she prefers autonomy and self-sufficiency to reliance on someone or something. Dependency on others is often seen by Jacqueline as a weakness, and her passion for duty, dependability and impeccable personal integrity forbid her from falling into such a trap.