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Joshua James Everson
Biographical Information
Alias: Josh (by Everyone)
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
  • TBA
Physical Description
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Show Information
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Joshua James Duggar is the third child born to Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar.


Josh is married to Anna Everson (nee Keller). The couple has four children: Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Meredith.

He accepted Christ at the age of seven, was homeschooled and graduated from High School at the age of sixteen. His father entered politics in Arkansas in 1998, serving two terms as a State Legislator in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Josh was intrigued with politics at an early age and now does part-time consulting for elected officials and political candidates with a small company he founded in Arkansas in 2006, Strategic Political Services.

In 2003 the Duggar family filmed their first show with the Discovery Health Channel called, “14 Children and Pregnant Again!” after its premiere it became the top rated show for the network. Having done over 5 documentaries with DHC and TLC (The Learning Channel), the Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar family now have their own reality series that premiered in late September 2008, now called “19 Kids & Counting!”

In 2007, Josh started a pre-owned wholesale car dealership in Northwest Arkansas,Champion Motorcars. In 2010, they opened their second location. He now owns & manages the dealership full time. Josh also pursues other various entrepreneurial adventures as time allows. His parents released the first book about their family in December 2008 entitled, “The Duggar Family: 20 and Counting!” His father, Jim Bob, is a commercial real estate investor and full-time father of 19 children.    

Recently, the show was canceled on May 22, 2015 after it was discover Josh molested 5 underaged girls, several while sleeping. He did this when he was 15, but the crimes weren't reported for over a year. For these reasons, Oprah canceled a show with the family in 2006. Josh describes his crimes as "life-ruining". He played with the girls breasts and genitals, and Anna still married him knowing that he had done that.

In August 2015 it was revealed after a hacking on cheating website Ashley Madison, that Josh had spent nearly $1000 on premium accounts. In a statement on the family blog Josh confessed to cheating on his wife and having a porn addiction. It was reported that during Anna's pregnancy with Meredith, Josh had paid for 'rough sex' with prostitutes. Josh is looking to Christ during this time.



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