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Ora Lowe
Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Birthdate: (2000-11-21) November 21, 2000 (age 18)
Birthplace: Tampa Bay, Florida
Show Information
Portrays: Krystal Hale
Status: Acting
First appearance: "Lorenzo's Final Fall"
Latest appearance: "Charlotte's Hell"
Next appearance: "Welcome to Riverbend"
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 Ora Lowe is a child actress born in Tampa Bay, Florida. She portrays Krystal Hale on Season 16 of The Everson House.


Ora Melba Lowe professionally known as Ora Lowe was born on November 21, 2000 in Tampa, Florida to Angela Lowe, a workaholic mother who later went on to the big leagues in the movie business taking her daughter with her everywhere and William Lowe a big time director. Lowe grew up around the cameras, then one day while her mother was auditioning for a part on a big budget sci-fi movie the producer for The Everson House was walking by as a bored Ora pretended to be a young British girl arriving at an American boarding school. Norman extremely impressed by the teens superior acting skills offered her a part as Krystal Hale in The Everson House to which she agreed. She informed her mother of the part she was offered and went to audition. A few weeks later her new agent informed her that she got the part, ecstatic she squealed on the phone, as her agent knew she was excited. A couple days later she's brought to the set of the show where she begins playing her party as Krystal Hale.


  • Ora was the only member of her family to start her career on a hit show
  • Ora plays a trouble making tough girl on the show but in reality she's the sweetest person you could ever meet 
  • Ora shares the importance of protecting her loved ones with her character Krystal
  • Ora has a tattoo of a house inn her upper left arm


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Everson House:Kieko Demigods Krystal Hale The only part she's played thus far