Season One
Season 01, Episode 6
Episode Information
Premiere date: 03/06/2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "The Data Cores"
Next Episode: "TBA"
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Zombies from the alternate dimension are appearing in this dimension. Judy informs the team of this situation and they jump into action quickly to prevent any of the infection from infecting the population. After all is done it is revealed that the dimensional tear was caused by Tobi CornetteBrian Cornette's father. However they are unable to locate him and they fear that another dimensional rift will be opened letting even more Zombies from the alternate dimension into the prime dimension. Meanwhile Mack is being followed by an unknown individual. When he's by himself the person reveals himself to be Lionel Sutton a transdimensional bounty hunter. Sutton tells Mack that he's got a giant bounty over his head and he[Lionel] will capture Mack and bring him in. Mack ponders for a second and runs the opposite direction causing the bounty hunter to chase him. Meanwhile Lily is still being harassed by Allen Cruz's brother Lyle despite his brothers orders to leave Lily alone. He[Lyle] threatens Lily with violence if she so much as utters a word of this to Ron or Allen. He also threatens her friends if she says anything about this. Scared for hers and her friends safety she reluctantly agrees to his demands. He[Lyle] tells her to meet him in his garage where he attacks her and warns her one last time.


This is your last warning NOT A SINGLE WORD
—Lyle to Lily after his true colors come out