"The thing to Protect"
Season , Episode 28
Episode Information
Character backstory:
  • None
Character Story:
  • Ron: Chapter 1
  • Thomas: Chapter 1
  • Aaden: Chapter 1
  • Ashkira: Chapter 1
  • Dominique: Chapter 1
Premiere date: January 28, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "TBA"
Next Episode: "Revenge and Vengence"
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  • Ron's Story 1:When Leticia is in danger Ron comes to her rescue. The strange man who kept asking Ron what Leticia ment to him is holding her captive and threating to kill her. Ron rushes to her rescue.
  • Thomas' Story 1:After the successful rescue of Leticia Jackie is the next to be put in peril. Thomas gets a ransome note stating that Jackie has been kidnapped and only two other people can come with him or she'll be killed. Thomas chooses none other then Ron and Leticia. But upon arrivel the test has turned into a real life or death situation for Jackie, when a monster that's draining Mana from Jackie and a man that plans on draining Jackie dry of Mana. The trio beats the man and monster and Thomas and Jackie officially become a couple.
  • Aaden's Story 1:Ashkira is the final test of coviction berween Aaden and Ashkira. At the end of the day Ashkira dosen't meet up with Aaden which worries him he goes back inside to find her backpack but no Ashkira. Aaden freaks out and calls his dad and tells him while crying, Ron knowing that this is a test agrees to help him. When they find her they discover that yet again it didn't go as planned and that Ashkira has been assulted. In a rage Aaden yells at the person responsible and a fight insues. Upon the persons defeat he makes an obcine commet about what he had done to Ashkira which enrages Aaden more and causes him to break down and cry. Ron kills this man for what he did. These are all tests by S.H.I.E.L.D to test Ron, Thomas, & Aaden' conviction and what these people mean to them but not all of them went as planned.
  • Ashkira's Story 1: The Aftermath: Ashkira is still in shock after what happened to her as Ron passess by he see's Ashkira crying saying "They Hurt Me, They Hurt me so Bad" over and over. Ron tries to comfort her without touching her but she buries her head in Ron's arms and tightly wrapped her arms around him and she tells him the complete story. Aaden promises he'll do something but is unsure of what.
  • Dominique's Story 1: A Very Real Fear: Dominique and Ron lie in bed talking about Aaden and what he's gonna do both of them being scared of Aaden taking the dark path they discuss what actions they will take if it comes to that. Both praying that Aaden will have sense enough not to diviate from light side.