"Undead Kenzie"
Season , Episode 25
Episode Information
Premiere date: Febuary 25, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Luke's Vengence"
Next Episode: "It All Falls Apart"
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Undead Kenzie is the 25th episode of the 14th and final season of Everson House. It's the Pre, Pre, Pre, Prequal to The Everson House:Walking Dead.


With the Zombie Outbreak Timeline becoming reality more and more, saftey campuses our popping up all over the place. The Azaroth the group of survivors run by Ron Everson restocks on food and water at the Brightsage Campus. Both Jonald and Jessica celebrate there 29th birthdays. After they leave they come across The Game Shakers building and see the front door open. Upon entry they see Kenzie Bell walking around inside. Ron is confused and says he thought Babe shot her before she could reanimate. It turns out that they where blanks but seeing as Babe was unaware of this Kenizie reanimated.